Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte
The best location in Praia do Forte: you are between the ocean and the village! 
Porto Zarpa Hotel sits in the best location in Praia do Forte, where you can enjoy a safe and refined stay. Be our guest and enjoy this eco-friendly paradise-like destination!
The Tamar Project is recognized worldwide as one of the best experiences among marine conservation projects. Also, the Baleia Jubarte Institute, works monitoring and protecting humpback whales in Brazil. The Sapiranga Forest Reserve is on our list too, as an area of ​​environmental protection, full of trails to explore. It is 6km away from the village, rustic environment, yet sophisticated. Another must-see is the Garcia D'Avila Castle, which remains are among the oldest in Brazil.
Praia do Forte also has many beautiful beaches, such as Papa Gente and Eco Resort. Porto Beach is the closest one to the village and to the bars and restaurants on the shore. Speaking of food, Praia do Forte provides us a great gastronomic variety, so everyone can enjoy the good local cuisine! 

Tamar Project

Atrações Turísticas em Praia do Forte - Litoral Norte
Recognized worldwide as one of the most successful marine conservation experiences, Tamar ICMBio is a model for other countries to follow, especially because it involves the community directly in its socio-environmental work.

Garcia D'Ávila Castle

Castelo Garcia Davila - Praia do Forte - Bahia
The Garcia D'Ávila Foundation, created in 1981 is responsible for great interventions in the educational, environmental, cultural-historical and social sectors in the Praia do Forte region, providing a better quality of life for the population.

Baleia Jubarte Institute

Instituto Baleia Jubarte - Praia do Forte
The Baleia Jubarte Institute’s (IBJ) mission is to "protect humpback whales and other Brazilian cetaceans, contributing to the harmony between human activity and the conservation of the natural heritage."