Nearby Attractions


Praia do Forte has a privileged location for the tourist that comes to Bahia, the paradisiac place is surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Praia do Forte has a privileged location for the tourist that comes to Bahia, the paradisiac place is surrounded by beautiful beaches that can be visited by the ones coming to spend more days. Besides enjoying all the attractions of Praia do Forte, visitors can easily travel to other locations booking tours, getting a taxi, using their own means of transportation renting a car, a van or even getting a bus. Everything at their convenience. The tourist staying in Praia do Forte, can visit Salvador and come back in the same day. Once the distance is of only 80 km of the historical center. Unforgettable tours can be made though Linha verde. On the way of the state of Sergipe, is worth visiting Imbassai´s beach that in Tupi means “ way of the river” and for the local means “ Meeting of the waters”. The river flows parallel to the sea forming a beautiful scenary that contrasts with the white sand dunes and coconut trees.7 km away from Praia do Forte, Imbassai is admired by its sunset, Kayaking and rafting. Once in Imbassaí, it´s requested to go to Diogo and Santo Antônio. Diogo´s Village is a peculiar and quiet place in which the community survives of handcrafts made by the straw of coconut trees, fiber extraction and fishing. Going further, we arrive to Santo Antônio. One of the region´s attractions due to its semi desert location, extense dunes and coconut groves. As the trip continues, next stop is in Costa do Sauipe, where is located Sauipe´s complex, formed by a group of five star resorts and luxury houses. Nature lovers and naturists can stop by Massarandupió beach, where is possible to find a nudist colony. The rustic and desert beach shows an exuberant vegetation. The place is by itself an attraction for the visitors. Next, comes Subauma and Palame – Baixios, peaceful places with extensive beaches. Now the destination is towards Mangue Seco with mandatory stops in Barra do Itariri, Sitio do Conde, Siribinha, Barra do Itapicuru, Costa Azul…places that have beautiful mangroves and beaches. Mangue Seco located 170 km from Praia do Forte is the second major attraction of the region. The Place became famous for a novel by Jorge Amado: “ Tieta do Agreste”, by its beaches of wild beauty, framed by white dunes and coconut groves and primitive landscapes of river and sea. Mangue Seco is located on the northern coast of Bahia, at the edge of Rio Real, on the border of Bahia and Sergipe. One of the the great local attractions are the buggy rides through the dunes and local village that, due to its low level illumination, provides a beautiful scenery during full moon nights. 

To the south
Ready and on the way to the city of Salvador, the stops start along Itacimirim beach, where the sea is ideal for surfing practice. In Guarajuba, there is a big number of homes that provide a home like environment. The very peaceful local beaches are excellent for swimming. Barra do Jacuipe, where the river meets the sea. Ideal location for the Jet Ski practicing. We arrive to Arembepe then; village that got famous on the 70´s, mainly for the hippie community that has already hosted renowned visitors such as Janes Joplin and Mick Jagger. It is noteworthy that all the locations have good hosting infrastructure and good restaurants.